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30th Mission, GREECE

31st Mission GREECE

14th Mission CAMEROON

7th Mission NIGER

39th Mission BURUNDI

72nd Mission SUDAN

22nd Mission DJIBOUTI

25th Mission ERITREA

39th Mission SOMΑLIA

Honorary distinction of "Heart Doctors" and award of 10.000 euros prize. Athens, 10.5.2014
The Group of African Ambassadors in Athens selected the Greek Humanitarian Organization "Heart Doctors" to honour them and award them an amount of 10.000 euros as a prize for the humanitarian long term assistance they offer to many African countries and to other countries of the world.

Heart Doctors humanitarian relief to flood victims in Obrenovac and Krupanj, Serbia, 7-10.6.2014
Two teams of the Greek humanitarian Organization Heart Doctors, one from Athens and another from Thessaloniki, transferred and distributed humanitarian relief from Greece to the flood victims in Serbia.

“Heart Doctors” humanitarian assistance to flood victims in Bulgaria, Asparuhovo, Varna (25-27.6.2014)
A six member Heart Doctors team left from Thessaloniki on Wednesday, the 25th of June 2024, for Bulgaria in order to offer humanitarian relief to flood victims in Asparuhovo, Varna.

Medical Mission, Burundi, 27.9.2014

Medical Mission, Ghana,15.10.2014

Heart Doctors” honorary distinction by the Embassy of Sudan in Athens, 15.10.2019

Heart Doctors visit schools, 28 - 31.1.2020

Heardoctors vice president kidnapped at Iraq
Mrs Eleni Sotiriou, Heardoctors vice president was kidnapped today 30 October 2006, during her 26th mission at Iraq.
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