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Report of the 1st Mission to Mali (Medical Services)

On Monday, 21.2.2011, a four member team of "Heart Doctors" traveled to Mali through Paris by Air France and reached Bamako, the capital of Mali. The team was received at the airport by a group of Greeks working in Mali; together with them was the diplomat Mr. Nandin who is their local friend.

They all proved very helpful indeed with respect to the coordination of the mission within the country and in dealing with the authorities. Mr. George Couris and Mr. Haris Malios offered valuable assistance- the latter gave his car for the transportation of the team during the mission.

23 and 24 of February: The team worked for two days in the area of Siby at the local medical center.

25 and 26 of February: Heart Doctors worked happily in the area of Bancoumana; the patients were examined in a special room offered for this purpose at the town hall by the mayor. 

27 of February: The team visited the villages of Fila, Teke and Kela where all the sick inhabitants were examined and given the appropriate medication.

The patients were found to suffer mainly from malaria, anemia, gastroenteritis, infections of the respiratory system, skin diseases, epilepsy, blood pressure, lower back pains and parasites.

On the 28th of February the team visited the wife of the President of the State and informed her about Heart Doctors and their humanitarian activities. The first lady of Mali is the leading figure of a charitable institution responsible for the orphans of Mali; she asked the team to offer medicines for children suffering from anemia. The team offered to the hospital "Louxembourg" liquid iron for the orphans.

On the same day "Heart Doctors" left Mali for Athens; Mr. Nandin, impressed by the way the team was devoted to caring for those in need, said at the airport to the departing members of the mission "you have brought love to Mali"!

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