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Report of the 14th Mission to Burundi (Medical care, inauguration of a hospital and provision of foodstuffs)

On Tuesday, the 7th of October 2008, a team of 5 members of the Organization Heart Doctors travelled from Athens to Burundi.

On Wednesday the team reached Buzumbura, the capital of Burundi, and left immediately for the province of Ruyigi. The members of the team reached the city of Ruyigi early in the afternoon and, after visiting the Governor Hon. Bucumi Moise, they started seeing the patients who had gathered at the dispensary site of the city. This job lasted till late in the evening.

On Thursday morning, 9.10.2008, the team went by car to the remote village of Gisuru in order to inaugurate the hospital of the village which had been repaired and extended by Heart Doctors. Present in the inauguration ceremony were the Governor of the province, many local government officials and crowds of villagers. The Governor spoke to the people and thanked very warmly Greece and Heart Doctors for their assistance to Burundi and particularly to the province of Ruyigi. The Vice President of Heart Doctors Mrs. Helen Sotiriou addressed the same people and said that Heart Doctors were very happy because the old medical centre of Gisuru was now, after its rehabilitation, a brand-new hospital. She added that Heart Doctors will always remember and look after the needy.

The new buildings of the hospital complex are the reception and consultation block (2 big rooms ) and the doctors home ( a separate building consisting of 4 rooms ).The team realized that the hospital needs more buildings to house additional units (such as surgery, paediatrics and maternity units ).

After the ceremony, the team worked till the evening in the medical centre examining and giving medication to the patients of the village and to those who had come from the neighbouring settlements.

For the next two days the team continued offering medical services to patients in two different areas of the province.

Then the team left Ruyigi and moved to Buramata to inspect the construction works of 3 projects there. The works of one project only had started and were in progress (the construction of a dispensary). The remaining two projects had not yet started ( a school building and a library); thus the team decided to cancel these projects and build the school and the library at Gisuru.

Water scarcity was observed in Buramata; the State is going to examine the problem and Heart Doctors will offer their assistance. 

Maize and beans were distributed to very poor people living in a camp in Bubanza-Ryange ( civil war victims ). 

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