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Report of the 15th Mission to Burundi (Medical care, inauguration of a school building and provision of foodstuffs)

On Saturday, the 28th of February 2009, a team of 4 members of the Organization Heart Doctors travelled from Athens to Burundi through Cairo and Nairobi.

The Governor of Ruyigi, Hon. Bucumi Moise, welcomed the team at the airport of Buzumbura and accompanied it in all its activities in Ruyigi. As a matter of fact, Governor Bucumi had prepared all the local visits of the team in the province of Ruyigi.

On Sunday, 1.3.2009, the team offered medical services to the people living in the  village of Muriza (commune Butaganzwa ).

O Monday, 2.3.2009, the team visited the village of Gisuru in order to inaugurate the school building which had been constructed there by Heart Doctors under the supervision of the Governor ( the project was financed by a member of Heart Doctors and friends ). Present in the inauguration ceremony were the Governor of the province, many local officials and crowds of villagers. The Governor spoke to the people and thanked Greece and Heart Doctors. The vice President of Heart Doctors Mrs. Helen Sotiriou addressed the same people.

The school building consists of 4 large classrooms and was named Athena, goddess of wisdom as inscribed on a plate which was walled outside the building during the inauguration ceremony.

Clothing and foodstuffs ( beans ) were distributed to poor and hungry families. After the ceremony, the team worked till the evening in the medical centre examining and giving medication to the patients of the village and to those who had come from the neighbouring settlements. Priority was given to mothers with babies suffering of high fever ( malaria and diseases of the respiratory system).

On Tuesday, 3.3.2009, the team worked in Kirambi ( commune Bwery ). As the Governor said, people of that place had never before seen doctors in their region. The most frequent disease was malaria. Scabies was also observed and one case of hemoptysis. 

On Wednesday, 4.3.2009, medical services were offered to people living in Ruyigi city.

The team observed that people living in the area visited were starving and seriously sick. Malaria, chronic wounds and various diseases appeared everywhere.

Heart Doctors decided to extend the works in Gisuru hospital ( addition of  pediatric and operations blocks ) and complete the construction of the schoolbuilding ( two more classrooms and offices for the teachers ).

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