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Report of the 17th Mission to Burundi (Inspection of building projects)

On Thursday, the 23rd of July 2009, the President of Heart Doctors left Athens for Burundi.

The purpose of the visit was to inspect the progress of the construction works at Gisuru. The projects in question are the following : the operating theatre, the operating clinic, the pediatric clinic and the enlargement of the school at Gisuru. 

The President of Heart Doctors met the competent representative of the supplier of medical equipment and accompanied by the responsible engineer, inspected at Gisuru each of the above mentioned buildings and found out that they were ready. Part of the equipment and furniture had already been installed. He indicated the necessary improvements and completions. Additional equipment, beds and furniture were necessary. Drinking water supply and electricity supply were also indispensable and the relevant work should be done. 


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