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Report of the 20th Mission to Burundi (Medical Services, donation of cows and clothing, distribution of food, school building foundation)

On Tuesday, the 1st of December 2009, four members of Heart Doctors left Athens and travelled by air to Bujumbura, via Cairo and Nairobi.

The purpose of the mission was to work at the province of Karuzi and offer medical services there, cows and clothing to very poor families and lay the foundation stone for the construction of a school. 

On Wednesday afternoon ( 2.12.2009 ) the team offered medical services at Shomb, a commune in the province of Karuzi.
On Thursday ( 3.12.2009 ) the team offered medical services to sick populations at the commune of Gihogazi.

On Friday ( 4.12.2009 ) the team worked at Nyabikere commune where, in addition to medical services offered, the foundation stone of a school building was laid by Heart Doctors. Ten cows were also donated to poor families.

On Saturday ( 5.12.2009 ) sick people were examined at Nyavikere, particularly in Maramvya zone.
During the first three days of the mission clothes were distributed to poor people dressed in rags. Foodstuffs were also donated to refugees staying at Bubanza Ryange camp.

Diseases more frequently observed were malaria, infections of the upper respiratory system, gastroenteritis, elminthiases,  lower back pains, epilepsy, skin diseases etc.


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