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Report of the 24th Mission to Burundi (Medical Services, Inauguration, Clothing and Provision of Foodstuffs)

On Saturday, 13.3.2010, a four member team of Heart Doctors visited Burundi in order to offer medical services, medicines, cows, and clothing for children to sick and poor people living in remote areas of the Province of Karuzi.

An additional purpose of the mission was to distribute foodstuffs to starving people living in Buramata and inaugurate the school building erected by Heart Doctors at Nyabikere.

The team worked intensively in various communes of the Province of Karuzi as follows :

Monday 15.3.10, commune of Shombo, Rusi location
Tuesday 16.3.10, commune of Bugenyusi, Rugazi location
Wednesday 17.3.10, commune of Mutumba, Bibara location
Thursday 18.3.10, commune of Gihogazi, Rusamara  location
Friday 19.3.10, commune of Nyabikere, Ngugo location
The number of people who gathered in the above locations was large and as a result many thousands of inhabitants of all ages were examined by Heart Doctors during the whole mission. The Governor of Karuzi followed the team everyday. The main diseases observed were malaria, infections of the respiratory system , diarrhoea, skin diseases, parasites etc. The medicines the team had brought from Athens for the mission were all used up.
At Nyabikere the inauguration of the school building was performed officially in the presence of the Governor and the local officials. Crowds of people were happily singing and dancing for the event. The name Alexander the Great was given to the school and a relevant plate was fixed on the wall of the school commemorating the event.
The school building consists of 6 separate big school rooms. Desks for the students and toilets will be added.
Twenty cows were bought and distributed to very poor families to have milk to feed their children facing the spectre of famine.
Clothing was given to very poor and naked children.

The team visited the village at Buramata and offered foodstuffs to starving families there.

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