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Report of the 25th Mission to Burundi (Medical Services and Clothing)

On Saturday, 29.5.2010, a four member team of Heart Doctors visited Burundi in order to offer medical services, medicines and clothing for children to poor families living in remote areas of the Province of Kirundo near the northern frontiers of the country (four hours drive from  Bujumbura, capital of the country).

The team worked intensively in various communes of the Province of Kirundo as follows :

Tuesday   1.6.10, Kirundo city, Cumva location
Wednesday   2.6.10, commune of Busoni, Burara location
Thursday   3.6.10, commune of Buga Bira, Mugange location
Friday 4.6.10, commune Gitobe
Saturday  5.6.10, commune Vimbi.
The number of people who gathered in the above locations was large and as a result many thousands of inhabitants of all ages were examined by Heart Doctors during the whole mission. The main diseases observed were malaria, infections of the respiratory system, diarrhoea, skin diseases, parasites etc. 
All the medicines the team brought from Athens ( 14 big bags ) were used up in the medical camp.
Clothing brought by Heart Doctors from Athens was offered to very poor children.

Nearly all the people living in the areas visited were found in very bad condition most of them suffered from malaria, the children suffered from scabies and skin diseases and the population is underfed ).

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