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Report of the 29th Mission to Burundi (Medical Services)

On Saturday, 23.10.2010, a four member team of Heart Doctors visited Burundi in order to offer medical services and medicines to sick people living in the remote Province of Kirundo.

The mission was prepared by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Mr. Bucumi Moise.

On the 26th of October the team worked at Buramata and then moved to Gisuru.

During the period 27-29 of October the team worked in the Province of Kirundo; the first day was spent in Burara where the patients were received and examined at the local health center. Then the team moved first to Cumvo village and then to Vumbi. Many patients were examined and treated during the mission. People were found to suffer from malaria, infections of the upper respiratory system, gastroenteritis, anaemia and skin diseases. The inhabitants of Kirundo are very poor indeed and suffer from widespread malnutrition.

Near the Governors headquarters in Kirundo, about 40 homeless people from Rwanda stayed on the streets; the team purchased basic foodstuffs and offered them to the homeless.

The President of the State received the team and thanked Heart Doctors for their humanitarian aid to the people of Burundi. He mentioned the offering of medical services and medicines to sick people, the construction of medical centers and the hospital complex at Gisuru, the water supply project at Buramata, the primary schools, the paramedical school at Gisuru and the Olympic Stadium playing ground ( now under construction ).


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