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Report of the 30th Mission to Burundi (Medical Services)

On Saturday, 4.12.2010, a three member team of Heart Doctors traveled to Burundi through Cairo and Nairobi. The main purpose of the mission was to offer free medical services to sick people living in remote villages of Karuzi province.

The mission was locally organized and prepared by Mr. Bucumi Moise, Mininster of Energy and Mineral Resources he is also responsible for the construction works of the Paramedical School at Gisuru ( a projects financed by Heart Docors).

The Greek Rescue Team of Central Aegean ( Island of Paros ) participated in this mission ( with 3 members, 2 of them were doctors ).

The villages visited were Masabo, Mugogo, Nyabikere and Gazera. Thousands of sick people were medically examined and given the required medicines.

More frequent were malaria, gastroenteritis, parasites and skin diseases. Many babies suffered from kahexia because their mothers had no milk to breastfeed them. Heart Doctors gave the mothers milk to feed their babies and thus save them from dying of humger. 

Clothing was distributed to naked children by the Greek Rescue Team (the members of the team had transferred from Athens clothing for this purpose ).

Heart Doctors inspected the construction of a big athletic stadium now under construction; this project is financed by Heart Doctors.

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