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Report of the 32nd Mission to Burundi (Medical Services and clothing for children)

On Friday, 11.2.2011, a four member team of Heart Doctors traveled to Burundi through Cairo and Nairobi.

The main purpose of the mission was to offer free medical services to sick people living in remote villages of Karuzi province and distribute clothing for children.

13.3.2011. The team visited Buramata settlement in the afternoon and offered medical services to the population of the area. The team worked in the medical center of Buramata which was constructed by Heart Doctors a few years ago.

14.3.2011. The team moved to Karuzi province and worked at the commune of Shombo. Many patients gathered there.

15.3.2011. Then the team moved to Gihogazi commune of Karuzi where it work from morning to night. Sick people gathered at that place from the surrounding

16.3.2011. Buhiga commune was the next place where Heart Doctors worked in Karuzi province.

More frequent were malaria, gastroenteritis, bronchitis, low back pains, conjactivitis, epilepsy, swellings of the thyroid gland, parasites. Many babies suffered from kahexia due to malnutrition.  Milk was offered to mothers to feed their babies. 

Clothing was distributed to children by Mr. Costas Zachariades who managed to collect it in the Greek communities in the USA.

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