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10th Medical Care Mission to Cameroon

On Sunday, the 10th of January 2010, a team of 4 members of Heart Doctors traveled from Athens to Marua of Cameroon through Zurich and Duala.

From there the team traveled by car to Catrang and settled at that place in huts locally called bucaru. Those huts have been constructed by Heart Doctors in order to stay in them when they visit that remote area of the country (Extreme Nord).

The purpose of the mission was to offer medical services and medicines to sick people in Katrang. The inhabitants welcomed the team and were very happy to see Heart Doctors visiting them again. The medical camp was organized with what it was readily available; thousands of inhabitants visited the doctors and the improvised dispensary and were treated and given the necessary medication. Most of them suffered from malaria and too many children from scabies. Other health problems observed were infections of the respiratory system, parasites, schistosomiasis, diarrheas and dysentery. Due to utter poverty and insufficient food, many children suffer from malnutrition.

We were told that in the area we were working one case of cholera epidemic had appeared.


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