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8th Mission of Heart Doctors to Cameroon

On the 6th of February 2008, a five member team traveled to the city of Douala in south Cameroon.

The purpose of the mission was to provide health care to the population of remote areas of north Cameroon, near the city of Garoua, a region called Katrang. In addition it was planned to visit different places in the region to examine the construction and function of 5 wells of pure drinking water, which had been financed by a friend of Heart Doctors in the past couple of years.

The members of the team examined and treated many persons, who came from a distance of up to 70 kilometers around the place of settlement and also from the neighboring country Chad, crossing the borders which were very close to the place of the medical camp.

Frequent health problems encountered were malaria, elminthiases, schistosomiasis, low back pain, arthalgias, epilepsy, infections of the eyes, respiratory tract and urogenital tract infections, diarrhea, tuberculosis.

Members of the team visited the places where wells for pure drinking water had been opened; they were found to be functioning properly. The team members received the gratitude of the inhabitants who were very happy for this very important contribution to the health level of the population.

The team returned to Douala on the 16th of February to continue for the next mission to the Central African Republic.


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