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4th Mission of Heart Doctors to the Central African Republic

On the 16th of February 2008, a four member team of Heart Doctors left Douala ( Cameroon ) and flew by a small private airplane to Liboko, western region of the Central African Republic.

The purpose of the mission was to offer medical services to the population ( mainly pigmies ) living in small villages in the forest of the wide area of the village of Nola.

The Greek businessman Mr. Angelos Banos , proprietor of the woodcutting company SCAF, had organized the mission and obtained the required permissions of the local Government Health Authorities.

On the 16th of February the team landed at Loboko and accommodated itself in the lodges of SCAF.

Next day the team worked at the villages Kpoutoulou and Yamando. On the 18th and 19th of February the inhabitants of the following villages were visited: Mangoui, Katapko, Barondo, Nagati, Bango I and Bango II. During the three days of the medical camp, many people were medically examined and given the propper medication,

The most frequent health problems were the following: malaria, parasites, gastroenteritis, infections of the respiratory system, skin diseases, chic ( tunga penetrans ) that attacks the lower extremities causing distortion of the toes, eye problems, anaemia, arthralgias, venereal disease, kahexia, TBC and HIV.

The team returned to Cameroon ( Douala ) by car through the forests. The long road was very bad indeed. Thus the journey lasted two days and was torturing.

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