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Report of the 2nd Mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo ( Provision of Foodstuffs )

On Wednesday, 12.11.2008, a team of members of Heart Doctors travelled from   Harare, the capital of Zibabwe, through Gisenyi of Rowanda, to Goma a city of the Democratic Republic of Congo very near the eastern borders with Rownda. The purpose of the visit was to buy food commodities and water from local wholesale markets and offer them to the crowds of refugees which have gathered in that area from the territory of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Milk powder, sugar, rice and bottled drinking water were purchased and then transferred by car and delivered to improvised stores guarded by the refugees themselves.

The refugees were so many, the place was so densely crowded with no organized shelter and elementary public conveniences that the danger of epidemic diseases was very great indeed. The crowds were so hungry that they cried out and made gestures asking for food. 

All these people lacked food, water, medical care and medicines, proper shelter, clothes, blankets and equipment.

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