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Report of the 9th Mission to Ethiopia (Food Providing)

A team of members of "Heart Doctors" (Dr. John amd Mrs. Helen Sotiriou) traveled by air to Addis Ababa on Wednesday the 22nd of October, 2008. The purpose of this mission was to purchase foodstuffs from local wholesale markets and distribute them to poor people suffering from hunger and malnutrition and facing the spectre of famine.

On the basis of bids, the cereal staple food commodity teff (grown in Ethiopia) was purchased and transferred by car to three places where it was distributed by the members of the team to needy populations. As a matter of fact 71.5 tons of teff were purchased in Addis Ababa, transported and distributed to the following places: Omorate, Debra Libanos, Endoto.

Plastic bags were used for the distribution. The members of the team filled up the bags and delivered them to the people. In case of invalid, sick and very old people, bags full of teff were taken to their places (huts, caves, holes in the ground etc) because they were unable to move and come at the point of the distribution.

It was observed that the population in question was very poor indeed, hungry and miserable lacking the necessaries of life.

The cost of this mission was covered by the Service of International Developmental Assistance of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs (YDAS).

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