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Report of the 3rd Mission to Peloponnesus, Greece (Distribution of blankets to earthquake victims in Valmi, Ilia)

On Thursday, 12.6.2008, two members of "Heart Doctors" and two friends of the Organization reached Valmi, a village of the community of Pinia, prefecture of Ilia, Peloponnesus.

The village was damaged by the recent earthquake of 9.6.2008 (36 out of 48 houses were knocked down or very seriously struck). The purpose of the mission was to offer blankets to the families living out of their houses (under tents, in their cars or in other improvised shelters).

"Heart Doctors" bought in Athens and brought by their two private cars150 blankets to Valmi. The disaster was extensive but many people had managed to take their own blankets out of their damaged houses. Thus the needs were limited and the team distributed to the needy families about 50 blankets.

The team visited other villages too; the inhabitants had no shortage of blankets there.

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