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Report of the 2nd Mission to Haiti (Medicines and Blankets)

After a delay of certain weeks, the aircraft which was offered to take humanitarian assistance of Greece to the capital of Haiti, was given the required permit by the Americans in Haiti to land at the Port au Prince airport.

The aircraft was loaded with 50 tons of medicines, foodstuffs and other items of humanitarian assistance contributed by Greece and Cyprus for the sake of the people of Haiti who were sick, wounded, homeless, hungry and deprived of everything as victims of the tremendous earthquake which had destroyed a great part of Port au Prince. The aircraft left Athens on the 8th of February 2010. On board was the Undersecretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr. Spyros Kouvelis.

The material was delivered to the appropriate Services of Haiti dealing with humanitarian aid; Mr. Kouvelis met the Prime Minister of the country.

"Heart Doctors" participated in this mission by 306 boxes of medicines (antibiotics, dressing material, syringes etc.) and 320 blankets. In this mission the following Agencies and NGOs participated also: Greek Ministry of Foreign Affaires (YDAS), Greek Army General Staff, Greek Air Force General Staff, the Ministry of Foreign Affaires of Cyprus,  Pharmacists of the World,  MED IN, Medecins du Monde, Light of Africa etc. The Greek company GOLDAIR CARGO SA offered its services to collect, transport, pack and store the material of all the contributors.

"Heart Doctors" and all the NGOs and Agencies which participated in this humanitarian mission received a letter of thanks signed by Mr. Spyros Kouvelis.

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