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Report of the 3rd Mission to Haiti (Medicines)

On Monday, the 15th of February 2010, a team of "Heart Doctors" traveled by air to Santo Domingo, the capital the Dominican Republic, accompanying 400 boxes full of medicines. The medicines were destined for the hospitals in Port au Prince, the capital of Haiti, to assist the victims of the recent tremendous earthquake which destroyed a great part of the capital.

From Santo Domingo, the medicines were taken be car to Port au Prince. The journey lasted 7 hours and additional people were on the car to guard against thieves (stealing is very common today in  Haiti because of the extreme circumstances prevailing there). The loaded car was kept in the safe area of the United Nations buildings in Port au Prince.

Next day the medicines were distributed to two hospitals; there were no doctors and no medicines in those hospitals. Heat doctors secured the cooperation of foreign doctors they found in Port au Prince. The doctors in question examined the medicines brought by "Heart Doctors" and decided to open the operating theatres and started working.

There is satisfactory water supply in Port au Pr;ince.

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