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Report of the 47th Mission to Iraq (Food Providing)

A team of members of "Heart Doctors" flew to Damascus through Aleppo on Friday, the 1st of August 2008, accompanying a load of medicines.

A part of the load was unloaded at Aleppo and the rest was taken by air to Damascus. At Damascus 12 boxes containing vitamins were taken to a refugee camp at Telf in Iraq near Abu Kamal. Various foodstuffs were also taken by car from Damascus to the same refugee camp. The Patriarchate of Antiohia assisted in purchasing and transporting the foodstuffs from Damascus to the refugees.

Medicines were delivered to various health centres in the area of Theamf in Iraq.

There is a river near the refugee camp; Iraqis gather there and stay under tents avoiding violence in cities. Similar refugee camps are found in various sites near the borderline with Syria. Refugees need food, water, clothing, medicines, blankets, tents etc.

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