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Report of the 10th Mission to Kenya (Medical Services, Medicines, Foodstuffs)

On Sunday, 6.12.2009, 4 members of "Heart doctors", just after the completion of the 20th mission to Burundi, visited Kenya in order to offer medical services to patients, to distribute foodstuffs and offer medicines to medical centers functioning under the supervision of Archbishop Makarios of Nairobi. In this mission "Heart Doctors" cooperated with a humanitarian Organization from Cyprus called "Sofia Foundation for Children"; this Organization offers serious assistance to Archbishop Makarios humanitarian activities in Kenya.

During the first day (6.12.2009) "Heart Doctors" worked at Kibera, a very large slums district ; many sick people were examined and given the required medication. Foodstuffs were also distributed. This slum area is a big neighborhood of Nairobi, five kilometers from the center of the city. It is estimated that the poor crowds living in Kibera slums may be as many as 1.200.000 people.

On Monday (7.12.2009) the team visited an orphanage at Nyeri and examined medically all the orphans; medicines and foodstuffs were offered for the orphans. The orphanage belongs to the Christian Orthodox Church of Nairobi and is supported by the Organization "Sofia Foundation for children".  

Nyeri is a city in Kenya, 150 kilometers from Nairobi, the capital of the country. After the recent (2010) constitutional changes, Nyeri is the largest city in the newly created "Nyeri county".

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