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5th Mission to Kenya (Supplies)

A team of members of "Heart Doctors" arrived in Nairobi through Egypt on Sunday, the 3rd of February 2008, to purchase from local markets blankets, tents, shoes and other supplies to cover the urgent needs of  people displaced from their homes because of recent very strong  violence. The Christian Orthodox Church of Kenya assisted "Heart Doctors" to purchase the supplies, transfer and distribute them to the needy population.

More than 300.000 Kenyans have been displaced, among them many  children and old people. They need water, foodstuffs, medicines,  blankets, tents and many other indispensable supplies. The Red Cross of Kenya is now covering the needs of 60 camps where displaced people have gathered.

The ambassador of Greece in Nairobi Mr. Polydoros Kokonas has sent an urgent letter to "Heart Doctors" asking for any kind of humanitarian assistance to the displaced population.

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