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6th Mission to Kenya (Medicines)

On Friday the 14th of March 2008 a load of medicines  was sent by air to Archbishop Makarios of Nairobi. The medicines will be used for the urgent need of people living in camps after their violent displacement in various areas of the country. The material will be received by Archbishop Makarios and will be distributed by him according to the needs.

This mission was carried out as a result of the letter addressed to "Heart Doctors" by the ambassador of Greece in Nairobi Mr. Polydoros Kokonas asking for any kind of humanitarian assistance. At first, "Heart Doctors" offered the medicines to the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs to send them to Kenya. Due to the fact that the ministry could not act immediately and cover the transportation cost, "Heart Doctors" decided to send the medicines to Kenya and pay for the transportation cost by themselves.

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