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Report of the 8th Mission to Kenya (medical care, provision of foodstuffs)

On Tuesday, 17.3.2009, a four member team of "Heart Doctors" reached Nairobi, through Cairo, accompanied by the journalist Mr. George Georgiadis and a friend of "Heart Doctors". The purpose of this mission was to offer medical services and distribute foodstuffs to needy populations living in remote agricultural areas. Archbisop Makarios  (of the  Christian Orthodox Church of Kenya) offered hospitality to the team and assisted the mission by close cooperation.

During the first two days (the 18th and 19th of March) the team offered medical services to patients gathered at the hospital of Tscikuru village in the district of Mwingi (located in the Eastern Province of Kenya). The area suffers from very serious droughts; people by their own bare hands  open holes in the dry river beds to find a little water.

"Heart Doctors" bought and distributed  corn (uga) to the starving families of the village. The most frequent diseases observed were malaria, infections of the respiratory system and tuberculosis.

On Friday, 20.3.2009, the team worked at the medical center of Kyuoso and at the community of Enziu, both belonging to the district of Mwingi.

In Mwingi District the team was offered friendly hospitality by the Vice president of Kenya Mr. Steven Kalonjo Musioka who was present during the distribution of food and the medical examination and treatment of the patients; he has studied law in Cyprus and is an enthusiastic friend of Cyprus and Greece.

On the 21st of March the team returned to Nairobi and next day moved to the area of Kisumu (Western Kenya, Lake Victoria area, plenty of greenery and waters). At the village Kongelo (45 miles from Kisumu) the team visited an orphanage which is run by the grand mother of Barack Obama, President of the USA. A deaf and dumb boy was among the children of the orphanage. With the mediation of "Heart Doctors", Archbishop Makarios decided to receive the child in one of his institutions and see that proper education and care is given to the boy. The team attended the inauguration ceremony of a Christian temple which has recently been built at Kessengei in that area.
Today in Kenya medicines against malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis are administered to sick people free of charge. Therefore, a considerable reduction of the level of sickness in the population is expected in Kenya.

Roads in Kenya, particularly in the provinces, are problematic. Driving from one place to another on badly preserved earth roads becomes a real torture, if the distances are very long.
The President of the State of Kenya invited in his office Archbishop Makarios and the Ambassador of Greece in Nairobi Mr. Dimitrios-Michail Loundras and thanked Greece and "Heart Doctors" for their assistance to the people of Kenya.

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