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Report of the 1st Mission to Mauritania (medical camp)

A four member team of "Heart Doctors" left Athens on Monday, the 9th of May 2011 and through Paris reached Nouackchott, the capital of Mauritania, by Air Grance. That was the first humanitarian mission of "Heart Doctors" to Mauritania; it was organized by the ex Ambassador of Mauritania to Mali Mr. Sidamine Ould Ahmed Challah, whom Heart Doctors met in Mali during their recent mission to that country.

Mr. Sidamine invited "Heart Doctors" to visit Mauritania in order to offer to sick people their medical services. As a matter of fact, he prepared everything necessary for the mission (places to be visited, transportation means, interpreters, residence etc.). On the first day, the 9th of May, the team stayed at Mr. Sidamines house in Nouackchott as his guests. Next morning they moved to the city Aleg by car ( 3 hours drive ). Aleg is the capital of Brakna Region. The Mayor of Aleg was very happy to receive the team as his guests and offered a vast room used for various activities (Maison des jeunes d`Aleg). In that room thousands of patients from Aleg and the communes of Brakna Region (Cheguer, Bouhdida etc.) were received, examined and given the required medicines for the six days 10-15 of May, 2011.

Patients were young children and grown ups of all ages; the majority however were old women and men. Many children suffered from anaenia.

More frequent were the following diseases : Malaria, intestine parasites, anemia, dysentery, inflammation of the respiratory system, arthralgies, gastritis, skin diseases, blood hypertension, sickness of the eye, epilepsy etc.   

The climate was very warm and dry, similar to that of Sahara desert .The people of Mauritania behave peacefully, politely and quietly.  The country is poor. The people of the area we visited are employed in agriculture and cattle raising

The organization of the mission, as prepared by Ambassador Sidamine, proved very good indeed from receiving the members of the mission at the airport of Nouackchott to seeing them off at the same airport when they were leaving for Athens. Heart Doctors are grateful to Ambassador Sidamine, the Mayor of Aleg and all their friends and assistants for their cooperation.

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