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Report of the 13th mission in Nigeria

On Tuesday, May 6th 2008, a five member team traveled to Nigeria on a humanitarian mission, the purpose of which was twofold: on the one hand the medical attendance of sick people in remote areas of the State of Antamawa in Northeast Nigeria and on the other hand the inauguration of a building for psychiatric patients in the State of Bauchi, the construction of which was commissioned by Heart Doctors and financed by the Hellenic Society of Hematology.

The team arrived in the capital Abuja and the following day moved by road to the capital of Antamawa State, Yola. The members were received by representatives of the local government and health officials, who had made arrangements for the treatments of people in remote areas around the capital. During the next days, the team visited the districts Yola south, Numan, Ganye and Mubi, where several hundreds of people were examined and treated.

Heart Doctors wish to express sincere thanks to the local government authorities for their hospitality and for providing all necessary assistance with medical personnel and military policemen, who facilitated the work of the doctors.

Health problems encountered besides malaria were hypertension, infections, arthralgias, low back pain, schistosomiasis, diarrhea, epilepsy, eye problems and helminthiases.

 On the 12th of May, the team returned to Bauchi and visited, in the afternoon hours, the village of Zongoro to check the preparations of the inauguration of the building, which will accommodate  the mentally ill.  The team observed with enthusiasm a wonderful building which was miraculously built in less than two months.

On Tuesday May 13th the building has been inaugurated officially in the presence of his Excellency the president of the State and his wife, local government officials, the professor of psychiatry Dr Abou Ibrahim, local TV personnel and a large crowd of people.
The president and his wife addressed the people present thanking Heart Doctors for this important contribution to the health care of the less privileged. Professor Ibrahim promised in his talk to provide the necessary care and medicines to the patients who will enter this building from the present to any time in the future. The president and his wife were then accompanied to the rooms inside the building, ten in each of the two rows, with free space between them.

With great joy, members of the team accompanied the patients from the trees to their rooms inside the building. They were told that these rooms will be their home until their condition will allow them to return to their families. Their reactions were surprise, joy, gratitude and happiness with tears in their eyes.

Heart Doctors wish to express their sincere thanks to the Board of Directors and the members of the Hellenic Society of Hematology for their immediate response to the request of the Organization for contribution to their humanitarian work.

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