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Report of the 14th mission to Nigeria

On Thursday, the 30th of October 2008, a four member team of Heart Doctors traveled to Nigeria, to offer medical attendance to sick people living in remote areas of the States of Benue and Niger.

The team arrived in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, and then moved to Makurdi, the capital of Benue State. The Executive Governor of Benue State RT Honourable Gabriel Suswan had invited the team to visit the State and offer free medical services to the needy. The schedule of the mission was organized by the Ministry of Health of the State.

Heart Doctors wish to express sincere thanks to the Executive Governor and local government officials for their hospitality and for providing all necessary assistance and military policemen, who facilitated the work of the team.

The work started on Friday, 31.10.2008. The team worked for 2 days in Anyiim; then it moved to Naka (stay for one day), Agagbe (stay for 2 days), Upur and Otukpo-Icho (stay for one day).

Impressive was the fact that many people were found to suffer from AIDS. The main health problem was malaria.

At Agagbe, Heart Doctors worked in the health center of the village; the condition of the building was so bad that the members of the team were afraid the roof might fall on their heads. That is why they decided to finance the reconstruction and repairs of the building.

In cooperation with the Health Commissioner of the State and the Executive Chairman of Otukpo Local Government Council Dr. Innocent M. Onuh, Heart Doctors decided to return to Otukpo early next year with a team of Greek orthopaedic doctors from Athens and operate urgent cases in Otukpo hospital.

On Thursday, 6.11.2008, the team left for Mina, the capital of Niger State; it worked there till Sunday, 9.11.2008. The villages and areas visited were the following: Ishon Dagah (6.11.2008), Kadna (7.11.2008), Kuchi (8.11.2008), Guni (9.11.2008).

Heart Doctors informed the Executive Governor of Benue State of their decision to finance the construction of a school building in Benue State; they have already asked the relevant authorities to provide the Organization with the necessary technical plans and the estimate of the budget.

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