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Report of the 15th mission in Nigeria

On the 31st of March 2009, a five member team traveled to the capital of Nigeria, Abuja. The purpose of the mission was the medical attendance of the population in rural areas of Benue State.

This mission was planned following an invitation from the consul of the Nigerian embassy in Athens Mr. Adama. The mission and the selection of the places to be visited had been organized by the permanent secretary of the local health authorities Mr. Biem.

The members of Heart Doctors were received at the airport of Abuja by members of the government of Benue State and were driven to the hotel to spend the night. Next morning the team moved to the capital of Benue State, Makurdi. On the way,  medical services were offered to the people of the village Daudu, and in late afternoon the team reached Makurdi and settled in the governmental guest lodge.

Next day, medical services were offered to the population of the following areas of the State:
On the 1st of April, to the people of the village Itapka, of the local government area Obi.
On the 2nd, to the people of the villages Ecori and Adum East of the same area.
On the 3rd, people were attended in the area Konshisha.
In the 4th , people were examined in the villages Tarakuward, Tse Biaga and Showa of the government area Gwer.
On the 5th, sick people were attended in the medical center Ukohol of the area Guma. In the afternoon, the team returned to Abuja for the return trip to Greece.

In the above places, a large number of people have been examined and received appropriate treatment. The most frequent health problems were helminthiases, low back pain, arthralgias, diseases of the eyes, malaria, infections of the genitourinary and respiratory systems, diarrheas, HIV/ AIDS, epilepsy.

The last day, the team was received by the governor of Benue State Dr. Suswan, who expressed his gratitude for the medical services to the people of his State.

The team thanked the governor for his warm hospitality in the luxurious governmental lodge.

The team proposed to the governor to send two orthopedicians with equipment to work in local hospitals for a short period of time and eventually teach the local doctors modern operating techniques in special rare and difficult cases.

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