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Report of the 16th mission in Nigeria

On Thursday the 28th of January 2010, a four member team of "Heart Doctors" left for Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. The purpose of the mission was the medical attendance of the population in rural areas of Benue State.

This mission was organized by Heart Doctors and the Authorities of Benue State in cooperation with the Embassy of Nigeria in Athens.

The members of the mission were received at the airport of Abuja by members of the Government of Benue State. A representative of the Government accompanied the team during the mission and was responsible for the program of daily local visits.

On the 29th of January the team worked at Usar settlement, in the area of Kwande. The local people suffered mainly from malaria and blood pressure.

On the 30th of January Heart Doctors visited Nyihemba; the main health problems observed here concerned pains in the stomach and blood pressure.

On the 31st of January the team moved to the village of Agu CHC; most frequent here was schistosomiasis.

Next day, medical services were offered to the population of the area called Chito; malaria was the main disease here.

Late in the afternoon of the same day the team returned to Macurdi, the capital of Benue State, and was offered hospitality in the official guest quarters of Benue State.

On the 2nd of February Heart Doctors left Macurdi and moved to Abuja for their return flight to Athens.

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