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Report of the 4th Mission to Palestine, Gaza Strip (Medicines)

On the 27th 0f December 2008, the military air force of Israel started attacking positions in Gaza Strip killing 380 and wounding 1900 Palestinians. Many buildings have been destroyed, among them the buildings housing the offices of Hamas (a Palestinian political movement).

The International Developmental Cooperation Service of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affaires (YDAS, Hellenic Aid) prepared a mission of medicines and other necessary items urgently needed by the people in Gaza and transported them to Tel Aviv by two C130 military aircrafts. The Greek humanitarian assistance weighing 28 tons was delivered to WHO (World Health Organization) in Israel to be used immediately for the victims in Gaza. 

The Greek Ministry of Health, the Greek Red Cross, the Municipality of Athens and "Heart Doctors" participated in this mission. "Heart Doctors", in particular, offered a load of various medicines (antibiotics, antiseptics, vitamins, dressing material etc,).

For the time being the roads to Gaza Strip are closed and no assistance can reach the Palestinians in Gaza.

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