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2nd Mission to Sierra Leone (Medical Care)

On the 18th of January 2008, a six member team of the Organization traveled on a mission to the western African country Sierra Leone. The purpose of this mission was the examination and treatment of people in remote areas of the country.

The mission was proposed by Mr. Victor Kanu, who is involved in  organizing various activities of the inhabitants, in an effort to recover the standard of living following a longstanding civil war in this country. The mission had been organized in collaboration with local officials of the Ministry of Health and the Medical Council, who welcomed this activity with great pleasure.

The team was received formally at the airport of the capital Freetown and moved the following day by car northwest to the province Yonibana, approximately 200 kilometers from Freetown.

The inhabitants had been notified in the previous days for the presence of the Organization and the medical services to be offered free of charge. From the 19th to the 23rd of January, approximately 9.000 individuals had been examined and received appropriate treatment.

Frequent health problems were hypertension, malaria, heminthiases, low back pain, arthralgias, infections of the respiratory and genitourinary tracts, skin infections, epilepsy and traumas.

The team decided to finance the purchase of a rice harvest machine, and were invited to participate in the harvest of next November. At the same time Heart Doctors decided to offer their medical services to the people of other areas of the country.

The members of this mission expressed their thanks to the organizers of this second successful mission in Sierra Leone.

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