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Report of the 3rd Mission to Sierra Leone (medical care mission)

On the 6th of December 2008, a six member team moved through London to the capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown. The purpose of the mission was the examination and treatment of sick people in the rural area around the village Yonibana, at a distance of 150 kilometers from the capital, which includes 16 small villages.

This mission has been organized by Victor Kanu, a native well educated, humanitarian oriented man, who has dedicated his life to the improvement of the living standard of the people of Sierra Leone.

Mr. Kanu offered his hospitality and accommodated the members of the mission in a newly constructed building, took care of the evening food and provided a car for the daily transfer from the lodge  to the place of work.

The examination of the patients took place in school buildings and in the surrounding area, a construction providing sitting facilities and shade for the crowds waiting to be examined. A number of persons took care of the order of people approaching the doctors and several nurses were available to help the communication between natives and doctors.

From the 7th to the 11th of December, a large number of people was examined and received medicines. Malaria was the most frequent disease of the population. We were impressed by the high frequency of morbidity of young children and of the almost complete absence of appropriate medicines for the treatment of this disease in the local dispensaries. Other frequent health problems were helminthiases, infections (ear, lungs, urogenital, skin), arthralgias, low back pain, traumas, eye problems, diarrheas, epilepsy, hypertension, kachexia.

Under the auspices of "Heart Doctors", agricultural equipment (rice harvester and rice hauler) had been purchased fort the inhabitants of Yonibana area, in an effort to give them the opportunity to learn to cultivate the soil of the fertile land in a more profitable way. This equipment has already been used in the harvest of last November.

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