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4th Mission to Sierra Leone (Medical care)

On the 10th of May, 2010, a four member team traveled to Freetown, the  capital of Sierra Leone, through Brussels. he purpose of the mission was to offer medical services and medicines to patients living in the remote rural area around the village Yelle (5 hours drive from Freetown).

This mission has been organized locally by Mr. Abdul Fofana. The patients were too many and the team had to work continuously from morning to night. During the period 13-17 of May about 25.000 inhabitants of all ages were examined and treated by the team. The main illnesses observed were malaria, dysentery, skin diseases, parasites, infections of the respiratory system, schistosomiasis, pains of the back, hypertension, epilepsy, problems of the eye, kahexia etc.

On the 13th of May the team started working at Yelle. Thousands of people gathered around the medical center of Yelle; three nurses volunteered.

From the 14th till the 17th of May the team worked in a wide area covering the following villages: Makonkorie, Mayepoh, Matamp and Mansumana.

Impressive was the fact that many people were blind (they were guided in the streets by small children). The widespread blindness is due to "onchocerciasis" ommunicated by the insect "blackfly" in areas near rivers (this is why the disease is called "river blindness"); it appears in Sub-Saharan Africa, in Central and South America and Yemen.

In this season temperature, humidity and rainfall are very high indeed in that part of Sierra Leone.

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