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Report of the 5th mission in Sierra Leone

On the 8th of November 2010 a four member team traveled to the capital of the western African Country Sierra Leone via Brussels. The purpose of the mission was the medical services to populations in rural agricultural regions of the country, where neither medical centers nor nursing staff  or medicaments were available.

The mission has been organized by a member of the local government, Mr. David Conteh, who has also selected the villages where Heart Doctors were going to examine and treat the sick.

The members have been received upon arrival by a representative of Mr. Abdul Fofana, who has made all the necessary arrangements for custom clearance, working permission and distribution of medicaments to the people.

On the 9/11, the members of the mission moved to Tonkoliki district, approximately 400 kilometers from the capital, with a 4x4 car, which was made available to the team by Mr Conteh for the entire duration of the mission.

The team settled in a guesthouse for visitors at the village of Yele, from which every morning they moved towards different directions, returning in the evening, after completing the day`s work.

From 10-11 to 14 -11, large numbers of sick people were examined and received appropriate treatment in the villages Manono, Yeben, Marak, Patifu Mayeroh and Mafay. The people of these and neighboring villages had been notified previously for the free medical camp with doctors from Europe and came from far distances to be attended.

Every morning, before starting the work, people of the local government addressed the crowds informing them about Greece, the country from which the doctors came all the way to Africa to give their love to their brothers and sisters. They were also told that the medicaments were a free donation of the Greek people of all ages and all parts of the country.

Every day`s journey to the villages lasted 1-1.5 hours in harsh road conditions due to raining. One day, the team had to cross a small river with an old-fashioned boat, which was pooled manually by the passengers. We were impressed by the worm welcome reaction of the natives, mostly children, on the road passing through the different small villages.

Most frequent health problems were malaria, intestinal parasites, gastritis, gastroenteritis, bronchitis, eye problems, infections of the genitourinary tract, low back pain, myalgias, epilepsy, wounds, skin infections, traumas etc.

Dry milk was given to malnourished children.

The members of the team wish to express their thanks to Mr. Conteh, who organized a very successful mission in a very poor region of the country and for providing a 4x4 car with which we moved to the remote villages. Special thanks are also expressed to Mr. and Mrs. Fofana for their hospitality, their personal assistance in keeping order of the huge crowds of people to be examined and the excellent cooking was every day prepared for diner with local foods and fruits.

The team departed from Sierra Leone on the 15th and reached Athens on the 16th November 2010.

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