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Report of the 24th Mission to Sudan (Food Providing)

On Tuesday, 14.10.2008. two members of "Heart Doctors" traveled to Sudan in order to offer staple foodstuffs to refugees staying in Southern Darfur.

On the basis of the best bid of a wholesale commercial firm, the following staple commodities are purchased:

  • Milk powder, 117 bags (each weighing 25 kilos)
  • Wheaten flour, 476 bags (each weighing 50 kilos)

The purchased foodstuffs were then transported by 6 trucks from the storehouses at the city of Nyala to the refugee camps which have been set up at various places in the desert near this city; they were delivered to the storerooms in the camps. Responsible storemen, who look after food stores in the camps, received the delivered quantities.

The total cost of this mission was covered by the Service of International Developmental Assistance ( YDAS ) of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As a matter of fact, a relevant food program was submitted by "Heart Doctors" to YDAS, after an open public invitation, and it was approved.

The situation in the refugee camps is very bad indeed.

Taking photos in Sudan is strictly prohibited. It is also forbidden for foreigners to enter Darfur (Mrs. Helen Sotiriou, vice president of "Heart Doctors" and member of the mission team, was the only person of the team allowed to enter Darfur in order to accompany the load of foodstuffs from the warehoyses to the refugee camps).

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