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Report of the 5th Mission to Tanzania (Medical Care)

A four member team of "Heart Doctors" flew on Monday, the 31st of March, to Tanzania through Zurich. The purpose of this mission was to offer medical services and medicaments to poor populations living in remote agricultural areas. Mr. Costas Coucoulis was responsible for all the local preparations of the mission: contacts with the Government and local Authorities, relevant official permissions, drivers, assistants and motor cars etc. He runs a business unit of bungalows at the village Saadani by the sea, 4 hours drive from Dar es Salaam, opposite the island of Zanzibar. The members of the team and the journalist who followed them from Athens used that unit for their accommodation.

During the days 2-3 of April, "Heart Doctors" offered their services  to the inhabitants of Saadani village; they continued with Madele village (4/4), Massai area (5/4) and Mkange village (6/4). On the 7th of April the team left for Dar es Salaam and from there for Athens.

The atmosphere in Tanzania was very wet and the rains season had started; violent and rushing streams of torrents obstructed the communication and restricted to some extent the work of "Heart Doctors".

The main health problems were malaria, anaemia, skin diseases (scabies), diseases of the eyes, infections of the respiratory tract etc.

Costas Coucoulis and the couple Dinos and Lela Samaras offered valuable assistance to "Heart Doctors" in what concerns this mission to Tanzania; we thank them all very much indeed.

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