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Report of the 11th Mission to Cameroon

A team of 5 members of "Heart Doctors" traveled to Duala and from there to  Katrang through Maroua. It offered medical services and medicines to sick people first in Katrang and then in Maroua. The dispensary was organized in the premises of the Orthodox Christian Church and masses of sick people gathered there for treatment. Most of them suffered from malaria and too many children from scabies and elminthiases. Other health problems observed were infections of the respiratory system, parasites, schistosomiasis, diarrheas and dysentery. Many children suffered from malnutrition. Some patients came from Chad; among them a pregnant woman with a baby on her arms.

The team moved and worked in Maroua. An official from the Ministry of Health visited the team, observed the treatment offered and examined the medicines carefully. He was very happy and said he was going to report to his superiors that the work of "Heart Doctors" and the quality of the medicines used were excellent ( we were told that bad quality medicines were illegally imported from a neighboring country and used widely among the population ).

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