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On Saturday the 23rd of June 2012 of four member team of Heart Doctors moved to Burundi via Brussels. The team reached the capital Bujumbura on Sunday afternoon and was received by a representative of the Ministry of Health, who assisted in the custom clearance of the medicines, and by the governor of the Province of Karuzi, who had organized the program of the mission.

In the weeks before departure during the organization of the mission in Athens with the authorities in Burundi, the permanent secretary of the government requested a list of medicines to be used in the mission along with praises and expiration dates. This request was addressed for the first time to Heart Doctors. The list was sent  and the authorities from the Ministry of Health demanded not to use the antimalaria medicines Heart Doctors were going to carry for this mission but instead local Health Centers personnel would provide medicines for malaria, which are considered more appropriate for the populations in the  provinces the team was going to visit. It was asked to leave the antimalaria  medicines to the airport upon arrival and take them back on departure. Following this request,  a large part of these specific medicines was removed from the load prepared for this mission, since it was not going to be used.

On Monday the 25th of June the team moved with two cars to the province of Karuzi. One car was made available for the needs of this mission by the Government of Burundi and the other belonged to the governor of the province, who accompanied the team to the Health center in Gikombe colline of Shombo province.

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