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7th Mission SIERRA LEONE

A four member team of Hear Doctors humanitarian Organization left Athens for Sierra Leone in order to offer free medical services to people living in Freetown and the surrounding area. The Holly Greek Orthodox Diocese of Sierra Leone was responsible for the preparation and local organization of this mission; The Reverend Archimandrite Themistokles Adamopoulos ( Father Themi ) invited Hear Doctors and cooperated with the authorities to issue the required visas. This clergyman is an able and very active man. He has managed to construct various compounds in Freetown and the vicinity, including schools, churches, dispensaries, libraries and houses as shelter for the disabled of the civil war. He offers significant religious and humanitarian services to the local population. Our team was offered kind hospitality in the compound.  

The team worked at St. Moses Orthodox Village, a compound in New Waterloo. The whole housing complex  has been constructed  to house a community of disabled people, their spouses and children. The patients were received  at a clinic where they were medically examined and treated.    

The team worked also in the Freetown Orthodox Christian School and the slum of Colvert.

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