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9th Mission SIERRA LEONE

A five member team of Heart Doctors visited Yele and offered medical services to sick people living at the city and the neighbouring villages. During the next days the team moved to 7 villages and worked there ( one village per day ). The villages in question were the following: Matamp, Mayopoh, Makonkori, Mapaki, Makenild, Kathanthra and Bumba. The diseases observed were malaria, infections of the respiratory system, lumbago etc. In the area of Yele certain patients were noticed with symptoms of cholera they were advised to go immediately to hospital and people were instructed to take the necessary precautionary measures. The team pointed out that certain imported medicines used by the medical authorities of the country were not very effective. Heart Doctors decided to erect a building to house the public library at Bumba. The whole mission was locally organized and coordinated by the old friend of Heart Doctors Mr. Abdul Fofana; his wife Samira and Dr. Sesay assisted.
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