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26th Mission GREECE

A team of four members of Heart Doctors, accompanied by friends from Thessaloniki, visited the Minority Primary School of Eliopetra, Xanthi, and the neighbouring kindergarten; they met the children and their parents and distributed school material, clothing, balls for basketball games etc. Some of the distributed articles were:

Clothing for children
Textbooks for primary school
Various books for children ( Fairy tales etc. )
School bags

Counters ( abacuses )
Maps of Greece and Europe (atlases )
Pencil boxes
Sticking materials
Pens and markers
Artists books for water colour drawing
Dossiers and folders
Crayons and colour pencils
Drawing pins
Painters brushes
Childs modeling clays
Various stickers
Ballpoint pens (various colours)
Notebooks (various types)

Basketballs for playing the game

The children of the primary school and the kindergarten were very happy to receive the gifts; they are meanly clothed, most of them are not vaccinated because their parents cannot cover the cost of vaccination. The school children are not allowed to participate in gym and physical exercises because their parents cannot pay for the required medical examination. Textbooks, notebooks etc. are not available in their school.
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