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29th Mission, GREECE

A three member team visited the 79th Primary School of Athens, on Friday, the 24th of January, 2014. The purpose of the visit was on the one hand to examine medically certain pupils and grant the required Personal Certificate of Health and on the other to distribute clothing to needy children.

As a matter of fact, pupils wanting to participate in physical exercise and sports within the school should have been examined by a doctor and produce evidence of the relevant Personal Certificate of Health. The cost of this examination is covered by parents lacking social insurance. Poor parents cannot afford this cost and as a result their children do not participate in sports, games and physical exercise organized and carried out in the school.

The Heart Doctors pediatrician stayed at the school premises for 4 hours; he examined medically all the school children lacking the Personal Health Certificate and issued it for each of them.

The same team brought a number of big boxes containing clothing for children which was discreetly distributed to needy pupils. School teachers were responsible for the distribution as they were well informed about the economic conditions of the corresponding families.

The medical examination disclosed health problems unknown to the children, their teachers and parents. One member of the team took care about providing eyeglasses to certain of the examined children.

A part of the clothing material distributed has been donated to Heart Doctors by parents of students attending the Moraitis School in Athens; the rest of the material was offered by various friends.

All the children assisted belong to poor families with unemployed parents lacking social insurance.
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