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30th Mission, GREECE

A four member team of Heart Doctors left Athens in the afternoon of Wednesday, 5.2.2014, accompanying two private cars and a truck loaded with medicines, expendable hospital material, foodstuffs and blankets.

The destination of the mission was the island of Cephalonia and more specifically the city of Lixouri and its wider area, which had been struck by a first earthquake (27.1.2014, 5.8 Richter scale ) and a secondary one ( 3.2.2014, 5.7 Richter scale).

The members of the mission spent the night in an hotel at Killini, in Peloponnese, and next day they traveled by a ferryboat to Cephalonia ( Poros port ). Damages caused by the earthquake were limited to Lixouri and the surrounding area; a small number of people were slightly injured and attended. Serious damages occurred in the port of Lixouri and the surrounding wall of the hospital of Lixouri; many shops and houses were seriously damaged and water and electricity supply systems were out of order. About 5.000 people became homeless, due to the fact that their houses were nor safe after the earthquake.

The mission was welcomed at Poros by Mrs. Tzoya Groutzis, Vice Governor of the Ionian Islands Administrative Area. Then the the Matzavinatio hospital of Lixouri was visited and the Director Mr. Dionysios Markatos received the medicines, the expendables and part of the foodstuffs and blankets. The Director thanked warmly Heart Doctors for the relief and said the offered material was the first to reach the hospital after the earthquake. Now we can start functioning the hospital again, he said.

The members of the mission, accompanied by Mrs. Tzoya Groutzis, visited the museum, the indoor Stadium, the village Aghios Dimitrios, the football stadium and many homeless families and offered foodstuffs and blankets.

The Greek State, the Church and various Organizations and private firms assisted the homeless and helped the island.

The members of the mission returned to Athens early in the morning of Friday, the 7th of February, 2014.
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