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Honorary distinction of "Heart Doctors" and award of 10.000 euros prize. Athens, 10.5.2014

The Group of African Ambassadors in Athens selected the Greek Humanitarian Organization "Heart Doctors" to honour them and award them an amount of 10.000 euros as a prize for the humanitarian long term assistance they offer to many African countries and to other countries of the world.

The awarding ceremony took place on 10.5.2014 during the official opening of the 13th African Festival in Athens. In that ceremony the Ambassador of the Democracy of South Africa Mr. R.S. Makgetla, Dean of the Group of African Ambassadors, said that the Group awards the prize to Heart Doctors because of their invaluable assistance to Africa and other countries in the world; he handed to the President of "Heart Doctors" Mr. Xenophon Yataganas a document stating the amount of the prize to be received from the Embassy of South Africa. The amount of the prize was a part of the proceeds of the 12th African Festival. President Yataganas thanked the Group for their decision to honour Heart Doctors and said that the Organization offers its humanitarian services following Gods Will and expects no recognition or award; the amount of the prize will return to Africa in the form of continued humanitarian assistance. Mrs. Helen Sotiriou, Vice President of Heart Doctors, addressed also the gathering. The event was recorded by mass media representatives.
Te ceremony was attended by the following members of "Heart Doctors": Vice President John Sotiriou, Mr. Panteleimon Ypsilantis, Mrs. Mary Ypsilantis, Mrs. Eugenia Lyra and Mr. Vassilios Dimadis.
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