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Heart Doctors humanitarian assistance to flood victims in Bulgaria, Asparuhovo, Varna (25-27.6.2014)

A six member Heart Doctors team left from Thessaloniki on Wednesday, the 25th of June 2024, for Bulgaria in order to offer humanitarian relief to flood victims in Asparuhovo, Varna. The floods have been caused by recent very heavy rains in northern and north eastern Bulgaria the streams produced rushed into and flooded many built up areas of Bulgaria causing real disasters, deaths and damages; thousands of people became homeless. The assistance offered by Heart Doctors consisted of various kinds of foodstuffs, clothing and mattresses; this material was loaded to and transported by two big vans the members of the mission followed the vans in a private motor car. The General Consul of Bulgaria in Thessaloniki proposed to Heart Doctors to take the relief to Asparuhovo and issued the required documents to facilitate the process of controls and clearances operated by the authorities. The team was received by the Deputy Mayor of Asparuhovo who was responsible for the flood victims; they visited the areas which had been damaged by the floods and granted two interviews to TV channels. The relief material was delivered to the responsible municipal authorities and was stored in a large room of a local school building. The local authorities, the people of Asparuhovo and the General Consul of Bulgaria in Thessaloniki thanked warmly the Greek people for their love, kindness and solidarity.

The members of the mission team were: Mrs. Popi Dimitriadou, Mrs. Evina Dimitriadou Badawi, Professor Hassan Badawi, Mrs. Parthena Kiorteve, Mr. Timos Dimitriadis and Mr. Pantelis Ziogos.

Heart Doctors express their warmest thanks to all our friends for their offerings; we also thank the Bulgarian officials and Greeks who assisted in many ways to organize and carry out this mission.
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