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36th Mission GREECE

A team of members of Heart Doctors consisting of Mrs. Eleni Sotirou, Vice President of the Organization, Mrs. Eugenia Lyra and Dr. Vasilios Dimadis, left Athens on the 12th of January 2015 and flew to Thessaloniki. The team scheduled to spend 4 days in Northern Greece in order to visit schools and assist the city of Komotini by offering various food commodities for poor and unemployed people. An additional purpose of the mission was to receive medicines offered to Heart Doctors by the Union of Police Employees in Rodopi.

The team rented a car in Thessaloniki for their movements during the days of the mission; they spent one night in Serres and two nights in Komotini and returned to Athens by air from Alexandroupolis on the 15th of January.

Friends of the Organization were met in Veria, Thessaloniki and Alexandroupolis.

School visits (12-15.1.2015)

( 1 ) Visit to Junior High School of Vasilika, Thessaloniki, Vasilika, 570 06 THESSALONIKI. Director: Mr. Ahilleas Zalakostas. Mrs. Sotiriou and Dr. Dimadis spoke to the students and answered their questions. Pictures from a video were shown depicting diseases and conditions of life in Africa.

( 2 ) Visit to Primary School of Kaloneri, Mikrokastro, Kaloneri, 503 00 SIATISTA. Director: Mrs. Paraskevi Mitsiou.

( 3 ) Visit to 4th Junior High School of Veria, Kountouriotou 8, 591 00 VERIA. Director: Mr. Dimitrios Bohoris, Vice Director: Mr. Christos Poulos. Coordination: Mrs. Lamprini Agelidou. That was the third visit of Heart doctors to this school. Father Georgios, a priest and old friend of Heart Doctors who worked with them in Cameroon, was met in Veria.

( 4 ) Visit to Minority Primary School of Decharchon, Decharchon of Xanthi, 672 00 EFLALO. Director: Mr. Tzavit Dagala. Students and their parents attended the presentation and the discussions which followed.

( 5 ) Visit to Junior High School of Echinos, 673 00 ECHINOS. Director: Christos Ioannidis. Students met some difficulties to understand the presentation in Greek - they are Pomaks.

( 6 ) Visit to the 6th Primary School of Xanthi, Velisariou street, 14, 671 00 XANTHI. Director: Mr. Christos Gerakakis.

( 7 ) Visit to the 8th Primary School of Komotini, Olympou street, 691 00 KOMOTINI. Director: Mr. Konstantinos Kafalis.

( 8 ) Visit to the 3rd Primary School of Komotini, Skepastou street, 24, 691 00 KOMOTINI. Director: Chrysoula Migou.

Offering food relief for the needy people of Komotini. Medicines offered to Heart Doctors, 14.1.2015

Visit to the Metropolis of Maronia and Komotini. On Wednesday, the 14th of January, the team visited the Metropolitan of Maronia and Komotini, the Rev. Panteleimon, who was happy to meet Heart Doctors because he had spent some time in Africa working in Cameroon, at the place where Heart Doctors work for the last fifteen years. The team offered to the Christian Church foodstuffs for meals prepared and offered free by the Church to poor unemployed citizens ( the free meals are prepared and offered in Saint Sofia and Evagesismos of Vergin Mary churches). The team visited also the kindergarten run by the Christian Church foodstuffs were offered for the needs of the kinds.

Visit to Polyketron, donation of foodstuffs to the Municipality of Komotini, 14.1.2015
The team met the deputy Mayor of Komotini Mr. Ioannis Garanis and offered foodstuffs for free meals the Municipality prepares for poor unemployed citizens (pasta, rice, pulse, sugar, milk, olive oil etc.). Mass Media representatives interviewed the members of the team.

Visit to the Union of Police Employees in Rodopi, donation of medicines to Heart Doctors,14.1.2015
The police employees of Komotini and the wider area of Rodopi purchased various medicines during the last two months and offered them to Heart Doctors as a contribution to their humanitarian missions. The team met the President of the Union of Police Employees of Rodopi, Mrs. Stavroula Tzatzana, received the donated medicines and thanked warmly all the police employees for their sincere and cordial offering.

Visit to the Social Pharmacy of Komotini, 14.1.2014
Heart Doctors visited Mr. Alexander Tsapekos, head of the Social Pharmacy of Komotini, gathering medicines offered by the public for the sake of poor and uninsured sick people. Mr. Tsapekos donated to Heart Doctors medicines from the surpluses of the Social Pharmacy. The team received the medicines and thanked warmly.

Early in the morning of Thursday, the 15.1.2015, the team visited Saint Sofia church to see how the free common meals are prepared by volunteers working for the Metropolis of Maronia and Komotini. Later, the team left for Alexandroupolis; there they met some old friends of the Organization and flew to Athens.

The contribution of Plateia

All the activities of Heart Doctors in Komotini during Wednesday and Thursday were organized, coordinated and accomplished with the assistance of members of the Organization called Plateia. This Organization is an unofficial union of people dedicated to volunteering and selfless support of initiatives benefiting the social environment. Member and inspiring person of this movement is Mrs. Stella Sfetkopoulou, a close and warm friend of Heart Doctors.

The medicines offered to Heart Doctors in Komotini were packed and sent to Heart Doctors Offices in Athens by bus; Mrs. Sfetkopoulou and other members of Plateia undertook the work of sending the medicines to Athens. Thanks

Warmest thanks are expressed to the School Directors and the students visited, to President Mrs. Stavroula Tzatzana and the members of the Union of Police Employees of Rodopi, to Mr. Alexander Tsapekos of the Social Pharmacy, to Mrs. Sfetkopoulou and her colleagues of Plateia; their enthusiasm, love and support is unforgettable.

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