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6th Mission IVORY COAST

On Monday, the 2nd of February, 2015, a five member team of Heart Doctors flew from Athens to Abidjan, the former capital of Ivory Coast, through Istanbul by the Turkish Airlines. The purpose of this mission was to offer free medical services and medication to sick people living in communities off the city of Abidjan.

The local organization and coordination of the mission and the selection of the communities to receive the relief was the responsibility of Rev. Savvas, the Christian Orthodox Metropolitan of Accra; the local Christian Orthodox Clergy of Abidjan offered their assistance. The Governor of the Abidjan Administrative Region offered hospitality and the necessary means of transportation.

The team stayed at Abidjan and every day moved by car to the communities selected to examine the patients and treat them. The communities which received the medical assistance were the following:

4.2.2015, Wednesday. Community Beago, of the region Yopougon.
5.2.2015, Thursday. Community Guebo 2, of the region Songon.
6.2.2015, Friday. Community Anan, of the region Bingerville.
7.2.2015, Saturday. Community Brinbresso, of the region Songon.
8.2.2015, Sunday. Work for the people of the Christian Church at Abidjan.

On Monday, the 9th of February 2015, the team returned to Athens by the Turkish Airlines.

Diseases observed were the ones common to the wide area of Western Sub-Saharan Africa; more frequent were anemia and malaria. The standard of living is low but there is little food for everybody in the country.

Heart Doctors express their warmest thanks to the Metropolitan of Accra Rev. Savvas and the clergy in Abidjan as well as the local Authorities of Ivory Coast for their kindness and willingness to assist the mission effectively.

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