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18th Mission NIGERIA

On 23.3.2015, a five member team of “Heart Doctors” departed from Athens for Nigeria in order to offer free medical services and medicines to poor people living in Amasiri village, in Ebonyi State. This mission was organized by the Greek Organization “Plateia” (Komotini, Thrace) in cooperation with the humanitarian Organization “Gilead Springs International Inc.” (president of this Organization is Dr. Andrew Okoh, who organized locally the mission in Ebonyi State).

The members of the mission were welcomed at the airport of Port Harcourt by the local organizers, who put at their disposal an eight seat bus for their movements during the mission. The team moved by car from the airport to Amasiri village (Ebonyi State). A large new building with many rooms had been prepared at the village to be used as the dispensary. There was electricity supply available in the building and other necessary means; interpreters were also available. The team met at that building a crowd of sick people waiting for the mission members – they had been informed about the arrival of the doctors. All the sick people were examined and treated; they were also given the appropriate medicines “Heart Doctors” had brought with them from Athens. After finishing the examination and treatment, the team moved to Itim, a neighboring village, where a suitable large house had been prepared for the accommodation of the team.

During the next three days (25, 26 and 27 of March) the team worked in the above mentioned building in Amasiri, examining and treating patients gathering there in great numbers ( from 8.30am to 4.00 pm). Keeping the masses in order was not easy since impatient people rushed in masses to enter the examination rooms.

On the 28th of March medical services were offered to sick inhabitants at Itim village.

On the 29th of March the team did not work, because that was a day of general elections – circulation and gatherings were not allowed.

On the 30th of March patients were examined at Amasiri. A special celebration with local events, singing and dancing, were organized to honour “Heart Doctors” for their humanitarian assistance to the people of Amasiri and Itim. Present was the traditional Ruler (king) who gave a plaque to “Heart Doctors” to honour their team.

The mission members of “Plate;ia” arrived to Amasiri one week earlier than “Heart Doctors” in order to work for the preparation of the medical mission. One of those members assisted the team by preparing medicines for the doctors; the rest of the members of “Plateia” taught the children of the villages painting, computing, mathematics, health care and showed them how to make hand-made ornaments. They also spoke to grown ups about AIDS and human rights.

The main health problems observed were epigastric pains due to excessive use of pepper and other spices, hypertension due to the use of salt and to the consumption of dried salted fish, lumbago, infections of the urinary and reproductive systems (mainly in women), eye problems, gastroenteritis, tuberculosis and malaria.

“Heart Doctors” thank cordially the members of “Plateia” and Dr. Andrew Okoh as well as his local friends and assistants and “Gilead Springs International Inc.” for their enthusiastic participation and contribution to the success of the mission.

On the 31st of March, the team left Amasiri for the Airport of Emugu State and through Abuja and Frankfurt returned to Athens.

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