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1st Mission NEPAL

A major earthquake of magnitude 7.9 (Richter scale) struck Nepal on 25th April 2015. The natural disaster wreaked havoc on a massive scale. At least 7.000 of people lost their lives, a double number were wounded and millions have been affected by the earthquake. The densely populated capital city, Kathmandu, home to over a million people, was ravaged by the earthquake; many cities and villages were equally affected.

Because of the natural disaster, electricity and fuel supplies were disrupted, roads were blocked, airports were closed, there was no internet connection, and mobile or land line communications were irregular. Food and supplies remained scarce, with acute need for waterproof tents and temporary shelter. According to United Nations, the earthquake affected 8 million people, with 1.7 million children in urgent need of aid.

The atmosphere was suffocating due to decaying flesh under ruins and masks were used by people for protection. Wounded and sick gather to hospital; countless stay under tents.

On Saturday, the 2nd of May 2015, a team of Heart Doctors traveled to Kathmandu, in order to offer humanitarian assistance to the victims of the disastrous earthquake. The team accompanied to Kathmandu a load of hospital medicines. This material was enthusiastically received by the authorities and allocated to hospitals without delay.

The team purchased from local markets rice and drinking water. Using small cars, it transported the relief to people in need in Kathmandu and other remote destroyed communities in remote areas (Sindhupalhok, Bhotechuk, Dristik). Orphanages received food and water.

The needs of the victims are urgent, massive and manifold; medicines are relatively more important. Heart Doctors are preparing a second mission to Nepal and ask their friends who wish to contribute to offer medicines for the earthquake victims in Nepal.

We thank all the contributors for their tender feelings and selfless love.

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