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39th Mission GREECE

On Thursday the 21st of May 2015, a load of boxes containing hospital material were delivered to the General Hospital of Rhodes, as humanitarian assistance of Heart Doctors:

One box, containing Desteral in small bottles ( which must be kept in fridge)

Two Boxes, containing:
(a) parenteral administration devices for liquids
(b) syringes of 60 ml and 20 ml
(c) food supplements in sachets

This material, except food supplements, was offered to Heart Doctors by the Childrens General Hospital Hagia Sophia (donation by the relatives of a patient).

On the 18th of May, 2015, Heart Doctors offered to the General Hospital of Rhodes a load of boxes containing various medicines and expendables as follows:

-boxes containing gauzes and triangular bandages.
-boxes containing gauzes to be sterilized
-boxes containing injectable antibiotics, physiological saline, urinary collectors, butterflies, surgical masks, intravenous injection devices, urinary catheters.
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